Boston Globe: Will national health reform close ethnic and racial disparities?

National health reform is designed to help everyone who lacks medical coverage, but minority groups stand to benefit most — simply because they have the farthest to go. One-third of Hispanics and more than 20 percent of African-Americans nationwide lack … Continue reading

HCAN Letter Urges Senator to Vote Against Blunt Amendment

Health Care for America Now wrote a letter to members of the United States Senate urging them to oppose the Blunt Amendment. The concerns expressed in the letter were echoed in a statement released today. From the letter: Under the … Continue reading

Unequal Lives – Health Care Discrimination Harms Communities of Color

Report Highlights Need for Racial Justice in Health Care Reform; Health Care for America Now Details Health Disparities and Emphasizes Opportunity for Equality in Legislation This national report shows how communities of color are adversely affected by our nation’s broken … Continue reading

Health Insurance Company Abuses – How the Relentless Drive For Profit Endangers Americans

Private Insurers Pledge to Behave Under Tighter U.S. Rules, But Private Companies Have Outmaneuvered Regulators for Decades. Continue reading