Talking Points: Tell Congress and the President: Don’t Take Our Health Care by Sabotaging The Affordable Care Act


Core message

The Republican health care bill takes health care away from 24 million Americans, slashes Medicaid, sends premiums through the roof, and puts people with pre-existing conditions back at the mercy of the private insurance companies. It promotes barebones coverage, even weakening protections for people who get health insurance through their employers. All to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and drug and insurance corporations.

“Insurers and State Officials Say Trump is Undermining Obamacare, Pushing UP Rates” Headline in LA Times, May 18, 2017. Read more to find out what they are saying!!

To get their way, Trump and the Republicans in Congress are sabotaging health care for the millions of Americans who rely on the Affordable Care Act by hiking premiums and co-payments and by pushing insurance companies to abandon the system.

Trump and Republicans are Threatening People’s Health Care Today to Sabotage Obamacare:

  • What they are saying: Republicans in Congress can’t defend their awful health care bill. Instead they just keep claiming, in the words of Speaker Paul Ryan, “Obamacare is collapsing.”
  • What they are doing – Higher premiums; fewer choices of insurers. The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress are actively sabotaging Obamacare now, to justify their repeal wrecking ball. They are decreasing the number of people who have coverage and refusing to make promised payments to lower out-of-pocket costs, all of which is leading to insurance companies raising premiums even higher and fewer insurance companies offering coverage.
    • President Trump, HHS Secretary Price and the Republicans want the ACA to fail—that’s why they are no longer implementing pieces of the law like the individual mandate and are pulling back on the marketing that encourages people to enroll in marketplaces.
    • President Trump has repeatedly threatened to stop making payments to insurers called Cost Sharing Reductions that help lower the cost of premiums so that more people can afford to buy coverage in the marketplace. These payments are designed to keep insurers in the marketplaces and make coverage affordable so that customers can buy it.
    • Republicans want to destroy Obamacare anyway they can by repealing the ACA, creating instability and making out-of-pocket costs for coverage too expensive for too many people to afford. Without customers, insurance companies will be forced out of the market and Obamacare will collapse in some places where there’s only one insurer – leaving people with no coverage. Some insurers are already pulling out.
    • Republican sabotage led by President Trump is driving insurers out of the marketplace, not the ACA. Up until this year, a record number of people gained coverage under the ACA, generating millions of new customers for insurance companies. The biggest insurance companies made robust profits as a result– some tripling their profits from 2011 to 2015.

If President Trump and the Republicans really wanted to protect our health care, they would reduce premiums and expand coverage by giving people more options: support provisions in the ACA that make private insurance more affordable and offer Medicaid or Medicare alongside private insurance so everyone has a choice.