Talking Points: Tell Congress: Don’t Take Our Health Care


Shortest message

The Senate should not vote for any bill that does what the Republican bill in the House does: takes away our health care, cuts Medicaid, raises our premiums and jeopardizes protections for people with pre-existing conditions. All to give massive tax cuts to the very wealthy and drug and insurance corporations.

Core message

The Republican health care bill takes health care away from 24 million Americans, slashes Medicaid, sends premiums through the roof, and puts people with pre-existing conditions back at the mercy of the private insurance companies. It promotes barebones coverage, even weakening protections for people who get health insurance and defunds Planned Parenthood. All to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and drug and insurance corporations. To get their way, Trump and the Republicans in Congress are now sabotaging care for the millions of Americans who rely on the Affordable Care Act, by hiking premiums and co-payments and chasing insurance companies out of providing coverage.

Key points to make

  • The Republican bill takes coverage away from 24 million Americans – 14 million next year alone – by drastically cutting tax credits to buy coverage and by making enormous cuts in state funding for Medicaid.
  • The Republican bill will slash Medicaid by $880 billion in two ways – taking away Medicaid expansion coverage from millions of people and radically restructuring the federal funding for the basic Medicaid program to starve it over the years, forcing eligibility and benefit cuts. Their gutting of Medicaid threatens the health care of 74 million Americans – from children to seniors – who rely on Medicaid every day and blows huge holes in state budgets.
  • The Republican bill jacks up premiums the most for people over 50 years old and families with moderate incomes.
  • The Republican bill is an attack on women’s health care, from family planning and preventive services to the half of pregnant women who rely on Medicaid to pay for their children’s births to the millions of older women who rely on Medicaid to pay for their long-term care.
  • Trump and Republicans in Congress are actively sabotaging Obamacare now, to justify their repeal wrecking ball. They are decreasing the number of people who have coverage and refusing to make promised payments to lower out-of-pocket costs, all of which is leading to insurance companies raising premiums even higher and fewer insurance companies offering coverage.
    • The problem the ACA faces is Republican sabotage and repeal – not the markets. A record number of people gained coverage under the ACA, and the biggest insurance companies made robust profits – some tripling their profits from 2011 to 2015. 
    • If Trump and Republicans in Congress really wanted to protect our health care, they would stop sabotaging Obamacare and immediately support provisions in the ACA that make private insurance more affordable and offer Medicaid or Medicare alongside private insurance, so everybody has a choice of insurance plans.