Talking Points: Revised CBO Score – Short Version


Today’s updated Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score shows that the GOP repeal bill will destroy America’s health care. The analysis shows that the 23 million will lose coverage, millions of people with pre-existing conditions will be at risk of paying higher premiums or giving up coverage, and Medicaid will be cut by $834 billion, putting healthcare in jeopardy for seniors, children, people with disabilities and families.

  • The Republican AHCA bill waters down coverage and makes coverage for essential health benefits like maternity and newborn care, mental health treatment, prescription drugs among many others optional for insurance companies.
  • The AHCA still defunds Planned Parenthood, the source of healthcare for over 2 million people, many in rural communities where there are no other providers of basic health care.
  • The bill still makes radical changes to Medicaid, starving the program, killing jobs and shifting huge burdens to state budgets that could put many services at risk.
  • At the same time that the bill takes healthcare away and raises costs for millions, it gives over $600 billion tax breaks to the rich, insurance and prescription drug companies.

Today’s CBO score affirms what we already know: the Republican repeal bill doesn’t fix healthcare, it dismantles our health care and makes things worse. That’s why less than half of Americans support the bill.

The Senate should reject this dangerous bill. Instead, Senators should work with Democrats to develop proposals that improve, expand and protect health care. Any Senate bill should ensure that no one loses health care, including people who got coverage from the expansion of Medicaid, and should reject block grants and caps in that make permanent cuts in Medicaid services for children, seniors, people with disabilities and poor adults who have no other source of healthcare.