Talking Points: GOP Continue Efforts to Sabotage and Repeal ACA, End Medicaid and Medicare Even As Senate Bill to Repeal and Replace Dies This Week

The Trump-Republican Senate bill to repeal and replace the ACA with watered-down, more expensive coverage and severe cuts to Medicaid has failed, but GOP leaders still won’t stop trying to take away our healthcare to give tax breaks to the rich and corporations. Right now, the Republican assault on our healthcare continues on three fronts: repeal without replacement in the Senate, ACA sabotage and deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare in the House budget.

Next week, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell plans a new vote to fully repeal the ACA, this time without proposing replacement plans until two years after the law is repealed. The bill is a version of the 2015 “repeal and delay” reconciliation bill that President Obama vetoed.

What repeal without replace will do – according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office

  • Take away health coverage from 32 million Americans. The repeal bill will take health care away from 18 million people, almost all working families, next year alone; 27 million in two years; and 32 million by 2026.
  • Double health insurance premiums. The repeal bill will raise premiums 25% next year, then 50% in two years, doubling them by 2026.
  • Cut healthcare for millions while giving households with incomes over $1 million by over $50,000 per year in tax breaks.

How repeal without replace does this

  • Takes away the tax credits that help working families pay for health insurance.
  • Ends the Medicaid expansion that provides health coverage to 11 million Americans.
  • De-stabilizes the individual insurance market by ending the requirement that everyone have insurance and driving insurance companies out of the market.   By the early 2020s, about half of U.S. population would live in areas with no individual market insurers under this bill.

President Trump and GOP leaders won’t stop with just one more repeal vote. Even though voters and their own caucus have rejected their “repeal and replace” bill–one of the most unpopular bills in history—they continue to attack healthcare in new ways.

President Trump and Republicans in Congress are Already Sabotaging Obamacare

  • Trump has said repeatedly that we should let Obamacare collapse and affirmed again this week that he plans to “let Obamacare fail,” so that there’s a rationale to replace it in the future.
  • President Trump’s administration, including HHS Secretary Price, who is responsible for implementing the ACA have already started to sabotage the ACA by creating chaos and uncertainty, refusing to enforce key provisions and refusing to make critical cost sharing reduction payments that make coverage more affordable for 6 million people who buyinsurance on the exchange.
  • The LA Times and other outlets are already reporting on the impact of Trump’s sabotage: “Insurers and State Officials Say Trump is Undermining Obamacare, Pushing UP Rates” (May 18, 2017). Read more to find out what they are saying!!

As McConnell and the GOP moves forward with their repeal the ACA with no plan for replacement in the Senate , the House Republicans are working a FY2018 budget resolution. Like the House and Senate repeal bills, the GOP’s Budget Resolution Ends Medicaid (& Medicare) as we know it

  • House budget would cut funding for Medicare by $487 billion over 10 years and cut Medicaid and other health care programs by $1.5 trillion over the same period—the cuts to Medicaid are even bigger than those in the House passed repeal bill (AHCA).
  • The budget resolution calls for immediate adoption of the House passed bill (AHCA) that repeals the ACA and ends Medicaid as we know it by replacing the traditional Medicaid program that provides healthcare for 70 million seniors, children, people with disabilities, pregnant women and low income people with a per capita cap or block grant that cuts funding permanently and shift the burden of providing coverage to states or to the patients themselves.
  • The budget fundamentally changes Medicare—a program Trump vowed not to touch–so that rather than providing guaranteed benefits for seniors, it offers “premium support” or vouchers to purchase more costly private insurance that may or may not cover all of seniors’ healthcare needs. Just like the Republican plan to end Medicaid as we know it, privatization through vouchers would transform Medicare and hurt seniors who depend on it.

So far, grassroots energy and activism has stopped the GOP’s efforts to take our healthcare away. By confronting lawmakers at town halls, organizing events, educating our neighbors and taking action to protest health care proposals that would put our lives on the line, we’ve stopped the latest Senate bill from advancing.

But President Trump and the Republicans won’t stop because of one failure. In fact, they are already exploring other avenues to advance their agenda piecemeal and to cut healthcare for America’s families in order to fund huge tax breaks for the rich and corporations. We must continue to tell Republicans on all fronts: Don’t Take Away Our Healthcare!