Talking Points on ACA Cost-Sharing Payments

It’s Not Over! Trump can still take health care away
from millions in one easy step

He can be the one to cause Obamacare to “explode” by wrecking consumer protections against high out-of-pocket costs.

If Trump does not defend a lawsuit filed by Republicans in Congress against the Affordable Care Act, insurance premiums will skyrocket and many more health insurance companies will flee, taking health care away from millions of working families.

The Story

The Affordable Care Act pays health insurance companies to keep out-of-pocket costs low for millions of working families. But Republicans in Congress filed a lawsuit to stop the Obama administration from making those payments to insurance companies. The lawsuit is now stuck in court – waiting for the Trump administration to act.

If the Trump administration decides not to fight the lawsuit, those payments will stop and insurance companies will send premiums through the roof and stop selling health insurance all together.

President Trump tweeted “Obamacare will explode.” We need to stop him from pulling the trigger by doing nothing. Instead we need Trump to defend the payments.

Congress must act too!

Congress should approve keeping the payments that lower deductibles and co-payments for working families. At the same time, Members of Congress should urge Trump to defend the payments in court so people can keep their care.

We stopped Congress from repealing and replacing Obamacare because that would take health care away from millions of Americans. We must keep the pressure on Congress to keep consumer protections against high-out-of-pocket costs.

6 million Americans pay lower out-of-pocket costs under the ACA

State #
United States 6,353,551
Alabama 125,424
Alaska 7,500
Arizona 94,463
Arkansas 36,134
California 707,671
Colorado 28,929
Connecticut 52,132
Delaware 11,146
District of Columbia 279
Florida 1,125,850
Georgia 322,348
Hawaii 8,067
Idaho 58,781
Illinois 156,469
Indiana 77,251
Iowa 25,677
Kansas 53,034
Kentucky 32,186
Louisiana 118,597
Maine 42,880
Maryland 72,175
Massachusetts 132,721
Michigan 164,725
Minnesota 12,128
Mississippi 60,354
Missouri 148,033
Montana 23,479
Nebraska 41,950
Nevada 48,736
New Hampshire 17,376
New Jersey 129,277
New Mexico 22,655
New York 40,544
North Carolina 360,045
North Dakota 9,199
Ohio 95,312
Oklahoma 81,053
Oregon 52,960
Pennsylvania 227,304
Rhode Island 21,270
South Carolina 150,030
South Dakota 15,108
Tennessee 138,272
Texas 646,415
Utah 106,589
Vermont 9,751
Virginia 222,233
Washington 66,083
West Virginia 17,414
Wisconsin 123,307
Wyoming 12,235