NC HCAN coalition partners have been working hard to make sure that the desire for North Carolinians to have a public health insurance plan is recognized in  the media.  On this page you will find some of the stories that cover the hard work our coalition partners have been doing to better the lives of everyone!  Enjoy.

On Sunday, May 31, 2009, the entire Sunday Forum section of the News and Observer (page 13A) was dedicated to health care reform.  All of which greatly criticized the practices of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and called for comprehensive reform.  Here are a couple of the letters published that Sunday.

Let It Go by Assad Meymandi, M.D. of Raleigh, NC

Better Coverage by Jenni Elion of Raleigh, NC

Health Care Monopolies in NC by Dustin Bayard of Raleigh, NC

Many of the letters written to the News and Observer were inspired by a report released by NC HCAN.  Many sight the concentration of the market as being quite unfair, a fact released in our report.  Below is some of the media that covered the press conference and release of our report.

A special thanks is owed to Kay Zwan for have the courage to tell her story; to SEANC for standing up and speaking out against the unfair practices of BCBS of NC; to David Benson of Third Place Coffee for fighting for his employees’ rights to have health care even though he cannot afford to pay it as an employer;  to Lynice Williams for her tireless work for the coalition; and to all other groups who fighting to help win this campaign.


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Updated 05/20/2009 06:30 PM

Nationalized health care advocates speak out

By: Loretta Boniti

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RALEIGH – Advocates of a nationalized health care plan held a press conference in Raleigh Wednesday aimed at supporting the idea.

Supporters said they are outraged by an information campaign that was leaked to the Washington Post this week, which shows North Carolina’s biggest private insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, is bucking a national trend and opposing nationalized insurance.

“These commercials imply that the sky will fall if President Obama’s health plan for all becomes law,” Dana Cope, of the State Employees Association of North Carolina, said.

But Blue Cross Blue Shield officials said the story boards released are still in a draft form, and once they are completed, they will simply be used on a Web site to inform consumers about the difference between a private and a nationalized health plan.

“What we want to make sure is that people understand what is going on,” Lew Bordman, of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, said. “How private insurers benefit customers, what the differences between government and a private plan would be, but importantly, issues up to speed on health reform.”

BCBS said the information site is still in its planning phase, and there have been no final decisions made about what information or campaigns will be included on it.

Congress has said they plan to work on creating a passing a national health care plan this summer.

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