27,000 May Die Next Year Because Republican Governors, Lawmakers Refuse to Expand Medicaid

By Ethan Rome – Executive Director, Health Care for America Now A majority of Republican governors and state legislators, driven by relentless political opposition to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), have rejected billions in federal funding, denied millions needed health … Continue reading

Big Pharma Could Win International Price Monopoly, Unlimited Profits in ‘Free Trade’ Deal

By Ethan Rome – Executive Director, Health Care for America Now Big Pharma has a new tool to make turbo-charged profits and insulate itself from efforts to rein in skyrocketing health costs. Under the emerging Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade … Continue reading

Republican Obamacare ‘Fix’ Is Junk, Just Like the Junk Insurance Plans It Protects

In an effort to cynically score political points, the Republicans have taken up the cause of people who have received health insurance “cancellation” notices. The problem is that the Republicans aren’t helping these people, they are exploiting them. They’re peddling … Continue reading

Americans for Prosperity Spreading Scary Lies for Halloween “Trick”

Health Care for America Now partner Organize Now has released a video today in response to the latest effort by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) to scare Florida seniors around the state this Halloween with misinformation and lies about the Affordable … Continue reading

Heritage Foundation’s Health Care Report Is Another Big Lie

By Ethan Rome – Executive Director, Health Care for America Now Do you remember the Heritage Foundation’s recent report on immigration, the one that falsely claimed the cost of comprehensive reform would cost taxpayers trillions? The one written by a … Continue reading

New Heritage Report Ignores Existence of One of ACA’s Most Important Provisions

The archconservative Heritage Foundation has released a report purporting to show how health insurance premiums will skyrocket for people who will buy coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) online marketplace, but unsurprisingly the report is, shall we say, extremely … Continue reading

HCAN Activists Stacie Ritter, Marcelas Owens Appear on MSNBC to Underscore Importance of Affordable Care Act

Two Health Care for America Now activists made separate appearances on national television on Oct. 1 to discuss the opening of the health insurance marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Stacie Ritter is an activist with Pennsylvania Health … Continue reading

Tell the House: Just Vote

Call (888) 344-0683 and tell Congress, 'Just Vote!' The Republicans in Congress have shut down the government and are threatening to wreak havoc on the global economy to blow up Obamacare. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Between … Continue reading

HCAN Co-Sponsors Capitol Hill Celebration of Affordable Care Act with Leaders Pelosi and Reid

Health Care for America Now was honored to co-sponsor a celebration of the Affordable Care Act at the nation's capitol today to mark the opening of the health insurance marketplaces as part of the Affordable Care Act. The event included … Continue reading

With Obamacare’s Health Insurance Marketplaces Opening Tuesday, Here’s What You Need to Know

It doesn’t matter whether you’re currently insured or you’ve got a history of medical problems, you can get quality, affordable health insurance through the online marketplaces that open Tuesday. HealthCare.gov is the place to go. HealthCare.gov is the gateway to … Continue reading