What We Do

We’re organizing grassroots pressure across the country against the GOP’s attempt to take away America’s health care, and for quality, affordable health care that every family can count on.

Trump and the Republican Congress have begun their march to destroy the health care of virtually every family in America. Their goal is to fulfill the right-wing vision of dramatically shrinking government by dismantling the public programs that provide Americans with health care affordability and security.

The Trump-Republican plan will:

  • Take coverage away from tens of millions of Americans;
  • Replace Medicare with a limited voucher;
  • Cut $1 trillion from state funds for Medicaid; and
  • Raise the cost of health coverage for almost everyone.

Their plan would wreck state budgets and jeopardize the jobs of millions of health care providers and working families.

The devastating impact of this plan to American families and the providers who care for them requires that we do everything we can to stop this train in its tracks.

Just as passing and implementing the ACA required a powerful, aggressive grassroots campaign, turning back the Republican attack on health security will require that same effort.

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