Health Care for America Education Fund

Health Care for America Education FundAs a partner to HCAN, the Health Care for America Education Fund (a project of the Tides Center) is uniquely positioned to carry out key implementation activities and see that the law achieves its promise.

The fight to fully implement health care reform – through 2014 and beyond – has proven itself to be complex and to take a massive and coordinated effort. With our comprehensive campaign approach and proven track record, HCAEF’s key role in implementation of the Affordable Care Act and protection of Medicaid and Medicare includes grassroots organizing and aggressive, multi-dimensional campaigns that confront corporate power, including:

  • Insurance Accountability: A major and unparalleled focus of HCAEF is insurance accountability and consumer protections, which include a range of issues, from state exchanges to rate review. And when it comes to shining a light on the insurance industry and other interests that work to undermine the law, HCAEF stands alone.
  • Multi-Dimensional Campaigns: HCAEF brings a methodical and intense campaign style to all issues we work on: big, small, national or state. We run comprehensive campaigns that involve grassroots organizing, communications, online activism and much more.
  • State Campaigns: HCAEF helps our state partners run comprehensive state campaigns for the critical policy changes required to implement the federal law. Our partners have enduring coalitions with deep roots in the community, histories of successful grassroots organizing and meaningful relationships across the board.
  • Powerful Coalition: HCAEF has built a diverse and powerful coalition of labor and community organizations – nationally and in the states – that can mobilize people, organizations and policy-makers.
  • Building Capacity: From its beginning, HCAEF has brought a commitment to building lasting capacity of community groups across the country. We have worked hard to use a single-issue campaign to increase the multi-issue organizing capacity of state-based and community organizations and national HCAEF partners. We believe that good organizing campaigns are only as good as the organizations they help build.

In 2012, HCAEF is running a systematic public education implementation campaign in states across the country that will lead to correct implementation of the law and access to quality, affordable health care for those who haven’t had it, including low-income people, people of color, and people with chronic illness. The centerpiece of the public education campaign is our robust field program based on one-to-one communications with people, events and earned media.

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