President Offers Commonsense Solutions to Gun Violence; Congress Must Ignore Naysayers, Take Action Now

Washington, DC – Here is a statement from Ethan Rome, executive director of Health Care for America Now, on President Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence:

“Today President Obama made good on his promise to the grieving families in Newtown, Conn., to take quick action to break the political impasse that has prevented the nation from taking commonsense steps to end the epidemic of gun violence. Every day there are 33 firearm homicides in America. Over the last decade we’ve had a rash of mass shootings like the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Tragically, 19,000 Americans take their own lives with firearms. All told, gun violence claims 30,000 lives a year in this country.

“We commend Vice President Biden for listening to all parties and swiftly developing sensible proposals. These measures are supported by law enforcement officials, mayors, overwhelming majorities of voters, including gun owners, and especially families affected by gun violence, who understand better than anyone the devastating effects of this unnecessary public health crisis.

“The clock is ticking. The only way to honor the memory of the victims of mass shootings like Sandy Hook and the 83 people a day whose lives are ended by gun violence is for Congress to immediately adopt this package of meaningful reforms. With the death toll mounting by the hour, endless talk is not only cheap, it is dangerous. Congress should reject the naysayers and the people who profit from the status quo. Our lawmakers must not respond to the Sandy Hook bloodbath in the shameful way they responded to Hurricane Sandy. America needs sensible action to prevent gun violence now. We applaud President Obama for using the power of his office to get immediate action.”


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