GOP Economist Resorts to Using Trick Math to Create Appearance of Deficit

The media is covering a new report from the GOP trustee to Medicare as though it is fact, but the truth is this new report, which falsely claims that the Affordable Care Act would add $340 billion to the deficit, is nothing more than a partisan attack on the law using trick accounting. Obamacare does not add $340 billion to the budget. In fact, the law reduces the budget by $143 billion.

The report is authored by Charles Blahous, who was Senate Minority Leader Mitch “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President” McConnell’s pick to be on the Medicare trustee board. The media has, for the most part, failed to report that Blahous has also been working for the Koch brothers-funded Mercatus Center. George Mason University’s Mercatus Center might sound like a legitimate research center, but it is actually one of the best-funded Koch brothers front groups and mostly serves as the Koch’s anti-environmental regulation roundtable.

What is going on with the funny math, as explained by the Center for American Progress, is that Blahous is using an accounting method different from the standard and universally accepted way that budget accounting is done. It is a different way than the Congressional Budget Office scores legislation, different from how Paul Ryan has scored his budget, and different from how we have gotten every other positive or negative budget score for any piece of legislation ever. It is basically an orange to the apples we talk about when discuss the budget.

The Koch-funded Blahous attack is nothing but a line to be used in attack adds against health care reform in the coming election.