Newt’s Health Care Think Tank Files for Bankruptcy

The Center for Health Transformation, the health care think tank run by GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, has filed for bankruptcy court protection. The think tank, whose web site is still operating at the moment, has offices in Washington, Atlanta, and St. Louis and claims to be a “high-impact collaboration of private and public sector leaders committed to creating a 21st Century Intelligent Health System that saves lives and saves money for all Americans.”

We had to check: yes, as of this moment Newt is still running for President, despite the fact that he only has 135 delegates out of the 1,144 needed to claim the nomination.

Gingrich’s center has collected at least $37 million from health care firms over the last eight years. Hopefully their dues of $200,000 a year got them a lot of thinking, though other benefits included “direct Newt interaction.”