Share the Facts About the Ryan Budget

The House Republicans’ plan to end Medicare as we know it is coming back this week. Please take this opportunity to share information about this reckless plan with your friends and family.

As we have written about for several days, Representative Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan is part of a GOP budget that represents a second-rate vision of a first-rate nation.

The Ryan plan essentially would revoke the guarantees that provide seniors and people with disabilities a specific set of benefits and services, replacing it with vouchers covering a portion of premiums to private insurance companies. If Republicans get rid of the guarantees to benefits and services, it will destroy the Medicare program that seniors have relied on for nearly 50 years. They talk about providing a traditional Medicare option at first, but the way they designed this guarantees it will soon fail and have to be eliminated.

Americans have paid into the Medicare system their entire working lives. Under the GOP’s plan, guaranteed coverage would be phased out over time. When most people retire, whether that’s in 10 years or 40, they would be enrolling in a Medicare system based solely on private insurance companies.

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