Pat Boone is Misleading Seniors about IPAB and Medicare

Singer Pat Boone, famous for singing “Tutti-Frutti” back when they wouldn’t let Little Richard play in white venues, has joined with the front group and “alternative to AARP” wannabe 60 Plus Association to attack senators who voted for health care reform. As usual with this front group, its stock in trade is presenting misinformation about the law.

60 Plus ads have a history of being completely misleading and have been debunked before. The new ad claims Medicare will be cut by $500 billion and that Independent Payment Advisory Board created by the Affordable Care Act, would “ration care.” Both these claims are false.

There are no Medicare cuts. The truth is that this is a gross mischaracterization of restraints in future growth that will not cut any current funding for the program while actually extending the solvency of Medicare for future generations.

As we wrote just last week, IPAB is an expert panel that makes recommendations to Congress about controlling costs in Medicare and is strictly limited to offering only certain cost-saving actions, and none of them come close to rationing care for individuals.

Instead of featuring a debate on the merits of health reform, this election cycle may be dominated by advertisements featuring misinformation and lies paid for 60 Plus’s shadowy corporate donors.