More Evidence That Health Reform Isn’t Killing Jobs

A positive jobs growth report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics this month included an increase in health care jobs of 49,000 in February. Non-farm employment rose by 227,000 jobs in the month. From the statement:

Health care and social assistance employment rose by 61,000 over the month. Within health care, ambulatory care services added 28,000 jobs, and hospital employment increased by 15,000. Over the past 12 months, health care employment has risen by 360,000. In February, social assistance employment edged up (+12,000).

Health care is one of the few sectors of the economy that hasn’t suffered job loss, but job growth, during the economic slowdown. This is contrary to the deliberate misinformation that health care opponents have been spreading.

  • Despite the evidence in economic reports, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce continues to insist that health care reform is a job-killer.
  • House GOP leadership continually called the law “job killing,” which is nothing less than an “intentional distortion” of fact.
  • The entire right-wing media echo machine got on board to distort a Congressional Budget Office conclusion that people would voluntarily work less when they have quality, affordable health benefits.

Independent reviewers have debunked the notion that the health care law will have a negative impact on jobs and job creation in the health care sector, and the inaccuracy of the GOP’s claims is becoming more evident with each new monthly jobs report.