Daily Health Care News – 12/2/09


Aetna prepares for loss of 600,000 members as it raises 2010 pricesAmerican Medical News

Executives say the company can be more profitable by dropping some business — the same decision the plan has made before.

Reid set to unveil new public option, breaking Senate impasse on healthcareThe Hill

A new measure on the public option will be unveiled next week, which Senate Democratic leaders hope will break the logjam on healthcare reform.

Tempers flare as Senate debates health careAssociated Press

A Republican senator asserted Tuesday during a rancorous floor debate that President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul will shorten the lives of America’s seniors by cutting Medicare.

HCAN Slams Coburn Over ‘Die Sooner’ RemarkTPM

Health Care For America Now ripped into Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) for his claim that the Democratic health care bill before the Senate will cause seniors to “die sooner.” HCAN executive director Richard Kirsch called the statement “a measure of the Republican party’s fear mongering” before taking aim at Coburn, who is an M.D.

Ben Nelson to offer Stupak-like amendment Politico

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), a key swing vote, plans to offer an amendment that would impose Stupak-like restrictions on abortion under the Senate health care bill.

Contrary To What He Says, McCain Has Spent Most Of His Career Voting AGAINST Patient Protections Media Matters

While addressing Sen. Durbin on the Senate floor on December 1, 2009, Sen. John McCain asserted his long history of defending American patients.  Unfortunately for McCain, his record proves otherwise.

Daschle draws health care firePolitico

Tom Daschle’s history as an adviser to some of the health care industry’s most influential companies is raising the ire of public interest groups and GOP officials, who have questioned his increasingly prominent role in discussions on health reform among senior White House aides and senators.

The Moral Dimensions of Health Care ReformCAP

The Catholic Church is a long-standing advocate for health care reform in the United States, leading the effort for nearly a century. Given the Church’s social justice tradition—with its principles of human dignity, solidarity, special status of the poor, and concern for the common good—the Church’s commitment to a more accessible and affordable health care system for all is grounded in centuries-old teachings and traditions. Among these traditions is a commitment to stewardship, which calls for responsible rather than wasteful spending on health care.


Republicans Love Medicare, Except When They Don’tJon Cohn

Remember those days of yore, when John McCain was a man who put principle over partisan politics, somebody who could be counted upon to speak the truth? John McCain doesn’t.

How many public option compromises can dance on the head of a pin?Ezra Klein

To add a bit of context to the post below, the public option has already gone through two major sets of compromises.