Doctors agree to collude with insurance monopolies – and that will bring down costs how?

The American Medical Association is now saying it is willing to collude with insurance industry near-monopolies in an effort to prevent real competition and choice from entering the marketplace in the form of a public health insurance option:

Nielsen also said doctors and insurers need to change their “wildly adversarial” relationship marked by lawsuits over reimbursement rates and other issues. That’s prevented sharing patient data and ranking doctor performance that could help improve care and hold down costs, she said.

“Doctors are dispirited and depressed and it is going to take a lot to try to make them listen to their better angels and have trust where trust has not been rewarded in the past,” Nielsen said in a speech at the meeting, held by America’s Health Insurance Plans, the industry’s trade group.

Obama said in a June 3 letter to the Senate Finance and Health committees that a government plan would help reduce the number of uninsured people.

“This will give them a better range of choices, make the health-care market more competitive and keep insurance companies honest,” Obama wrote.

That, right there, is the basic conflict. The AMA (which hardly represents the view of all doctors) and the insurance industry say we should trust them. They will use their market monopolies to make sure everything is ok for us, the little guy. Should we trust them? Or should we force them to make everything right by us by making them compete.

I think the history of the insurance industry and the AMA speaks for itself.


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  2. Back in 1963, the president of the AMA spoke against passage of Medicare before the Ways and Means Committee, saying that hospital insurance for the aged was “not only unnecessary, but also dangerous to the basic principles underlying our American system of medical care.”
    – The Politics of Medicare, by Theodore R. Marmor

    Medicare is a valuable source of health insurance for nearly 45 million Americans – mainly seniors ages 65 and older, but also 7 million younger adults with permanent disabilities.
    – Kaiser Family Foundation, August, 2008

    AMA – wrong in 1963, wrong today.

  3. Oh, the AMA’s been against health reform for way longer than that. They were one of the originals against it way back in the early 1900s.

  4. Dr. Shawna Murray MD on said:

    Physicians of the country will not protect you. They are a selfish and often criminal bunch who are only interested in protecting themselves. Demand single-payer with everyone in and no one out. Demand that there be immediate, on site review of every bad event and complaint so that failed systems and dangerous doctors can be weeded out efficiently. Demand medical malpractice reform with the use of health courts so that only those with medical expertise will be making decisions about how to respond to failures of the system. The media, the state boards, and the state regulators are too incompetent to evaluate bad events due to their own laziness and political constraints. Demand that the politicians refuse any money from heathcare lobbyists so that only your right to efficient, effective and ethical health care is considered. Remove politics from healthcare once and for all.