Daily Health Care News – 8/26/08


Stanford to Limit Drug Maker FinancingNew York Times

Stanford University, concerned about the influence drug companies may have on medical education, is expected to announce Tuesday that it will severely restrict industry financing of doctors’ continuing education at its medical school.

Health care stocks performing wellSan Francisco Chronicle

Health care stocks, which have been plagued by a variety of ailments in recent years, are emerging as one of the stock market’s few bright spots.

Knox woman’s Thailand trip leaves her in stitches – by designKnoxville News Sentinel

Sherrie Wilcox returned from her recent trip overseas with a few souvenirs: a pretty scarf, a pink bracelet, a 4-inch abdominal incision.


Saving Money With Universal HealthcareCrooks and Liars

Uninsured Americans will spend $30 billion a year in out of pocket expenses and incur another $56 billion in government-subsidized expenses, says a new study for healthaffairs.org by Jack Hadley of George Mason University in Virginia and a team at the Urban Institute.